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Health Nov 17

How to Reduce Belly fat | 3 reasons for belly fat in women and men


Belly fat is now became the major concern for most of the People. This belly fat is the source and cause of major life diseases also. And this may be the a symptom of a major diseases. Here is a Youtube Video of Mrs Sangeetha a Youtuber who talks about Belly fat, in this Video Sangeetha explain How to reduce Belly fat. What might be the reason for Belly fat for Men and Woman. Why it is so difficult to reduce excess fat?


Have you noticed all Actor and Actresses have very fit body. Means the have no excess fat of belly fat. Because it is their duty to reduce excess fat by burning it by exercise and Diet. Do you think Why Belly Fat is quite Common Today? We eat food. We get energy from that food. that energy must be burned. In the past, people would have burn this fat and energy by physically working. Or The fat from the food would be burned by from their Work itself.

Today, We get enough food to eat, we get energy from the food, But it is not burning. Because, most of us do not have an option to burn the fat. today most of the job are sit and job type that's why we do not work physically. That's why this energy became fat and Belly Fat

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